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July 13, 2007



I haven't been swept up by the iPhone craze yet, but I probably would love the features if I had one...


Oh, nice one Natasha! How am I gonna stop B from getting one now? Will you bring it to London? Us Europeans have to wait until Nov or Dec until it's released, I think.


You can't stop him from getting one, Michael couldn't stop me...
You're right, you Euros will have to wait, I don't think they have got a network partner in the UK yet. Don't worry, I'll bring my baby with me so you can see it!


He's hoping when it reaches Europe it will support 3G rather than just GSM, but you're right, my chances of stopping him are low (I've nothing against the phone- just wanted him to spend the money on a sofa instead!)

He googled "iphone" and "disappointment" and it mainly came back with people who were pissed at the minimum duration of the phone contract required, or those who found it was out of stock. Not many who didn't like the phone!

Anyway, we'd be grateful if you could bring it round so we can coo at it...


Yes, 3G would be better. You're turning into a proper technocrat! And you're right, you could buy a sofa for the price of an iphone. But the sofa can't do as much. I will definitely bring it round, it just won't be working as phone because of AT&T's outrageous roaming charges...

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