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January 21, 2008



Great idea rolling them in Coconut.

They may be full of sugar, but they're also full of protein, lol.

Chez Denise et Laudalino

I have been looking for a recipe for these - can not wait to try. Yours are beautiful.


Hi there~ how was your trip... i was going to try to meet you guys somehow, but with Chinese New Year coming up, there is no way i can take off from work... well~ i hope to see you guys soon, have a great year and i must say your blog brings me a great deal of inspiration+joy
speak soon :)


So glad I found you--this looks so good! Marshmallows, toasty coconut...what is NOT to love here?


It's just unbelievable how full of bad chemistry store-bought marshmallows are, but at the same time they're so pure-hearted when made at home! Last year I made marshmallows for Valentines day and got ask a zillion times if I really made them myself and if it really is possible:D When actually - they're super easy!

I really like the addition of coconut. The extract isn't sold here in Estonia, but I guess adding Malibu liqueur could work as well.


The trip was amazing Charlotte – I'm still downloading the 50GB of images we took, but I will be posting some soon!

I really need to stop eating these things, but they really are very good. And they're easy, so you guys should definitely try making them.

The vanilla extract works well in flavoring the marshmallows and the recipe only calls for very little coconut extract. Perhaps a dash of Malibu would do the trick!


Hi, they looked just like the one i tasted once and immediately fell in love with ... just curious ... do you mind if i asked for the recipe? or do you know where else i could get the recipe?

Thanks a lot. :)


I included the recipe as a link – just click on the link that is in blue and says "toasted marshmallow squares", it will take you to the recipe on Epicurious.


Got it, thanks a lot!!

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