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August 12, 2008



I still can't believe I wasn't given a piece of this. Or the whole thing.

where is the recipe my dear :)


I was hoping no one would ask for that...it's a lot of typing! Don't be put off by the long list of things, it's easy enough and certainly worth it in the end. I wish I had a picture of a slice of this cake, but it all disappeared on table of 18 people! It holds together really well and the mousse looks great. I'll definitely make it again.


This looks fan-tabulous! I love chocolate layer cakes and want to try this one! How did you find the chocolate cake layers? Are they moist and dark? I am looking for a new chocolate cake for an upcoming birthday party and think this might just be it!


This is a perfect cake for a birthday, and the cake is perfect, holds together well and has a lot of flavor. And simple...for all that writing. If you don't have time, I would follow the entire recipe and leave out the caramel filling, it doesn't really need it and there's enough going on that it's spectacular without it.

can you please type the recipe , it looks YUMMMMM & I surely want to try it for dd's b'day :)


The recipe is there right at the end of the post it says "download" and you can then download and print it.


You might not have a good answer for this, but how do you think it would be if you halved the entire recipe? I want to try this, but in a smaller size :)


I wouldn't have the recipe, if anything I would double it...but then I always make too much food. I found the recipe to barely make enough for a two layer cake; I would rather the layers were slightly heftier.

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