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July 20, 2007



i haven't had a chance to have the '06 ciliegiolo yet, but i loved it last year. i also really enjoyed the nusserhof lagrein rose from '05, sadly no luck getting it this year. i did, however, have quite a nice surprise with the iron horse rosato di sangiovese from alexander valley. lots of crushed currents and dark strawberries with mineral notes to last and last. you need to post more wine reviews...and how are you?(!)?


ah, yes the nusserhof - that was truly amazing, agreed! we need to see ribolla gialla from rocca bernarda or dorigo make an appearance @ astor again pretty please. i'll have to stop by and pick up the iron horse; a domestic wine, imagine that! thanks for the suggestion, and i'll see if can't pick up the pace on the vino entries :)


in a moment of beautiful irony, today's epicurious e-mail newsletter was entitled "Drink Pink." evidently i was on to something with the opening line in this post :)

"Drinking pink is finally out of the wine closet. "Pink is the new black!" tout the folks from the famous French rose region, Cotes de Provence...." -Epicurious, 7/31/07

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