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February 22, 2008



ohhh, you went to the Chocolate room!! I always wanted to go there! Is it worth it? As from what I read now, sounds very exciting. And I've never been to Brooklyn before....
I just want to say that you have a fantastic blog, very interesting photos and stories, I love it! :))


we did! and we loved it...there were all sorts of amazing truffles that looked tempting, too, but we were too full from a big sushi dinner to indulge. next time! and absolutely worth a stop if you find yourself in brooklyn - thank you for the kind comment, and same to you.


Thérèse ... I so need to come and have a milkshake with you! It is an urgence santé. I am often checking in at Nova Clutch to see what my new wine tastes should be and I was so happy to see an update aujourd'hui. Maybe I will experiment with a similar shake ce soir with M ... if it's no good, I am sure Bowery will drink it up.

Xo Lyd (at the office zzz...)


lydia-lou! c'est un vrai 9-1-1! would love to have you, m. and bowery 'round for sherry milkshakes any day. i spent the day making ribollita tuscan stew with b. and washing it all down with a perfectly delightful 2004 pecchenino dolcetto di dogliani, which will soon make its way into a nova clutch entry. run, don't walk, and please have a tarte au citron at pain d'ore for me. bizous a mes amis a montreal! xo ~t

Wine Glasses

Wow, this sounds like something I would LOVE. Ice cream and alcohol?? Sign me up! Do you know the ratio of sherry to ice cream that should be used?

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