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February 01, 2008


Eric J

I just moved to Brooklyn from Portland, and Stumptown is easily what I miss most. Nothing in NYC even remotely compares.

I just polished off my third "christmas gift bag," now I'm debating trying more of the local dreck or just buckling down and mail-ordering from Stump.


Totally.... Yo simply cannot get a bad cup of coffee in Portland... and this is in large part due to Stumptown.


Oh, you make me miss home!! I live in DC now and a few friends from Oregon and I are on the constant search for good coffee. I think I need to take an extra bag next time I'm home and just bring back coffee.


Finding good coffee in New York is much easier than in DC. Cafe 1980 is owned by a West Coaster who spent a good amount of time working at Vivace in Seattle. He used to get his beans flown in from there, but I'm not sure if he still does. Still an excellent cup. In DC you are definitely better off brewing at home. While there are some coffeeshops in Adams Morgan and Logan's Circle that are alright for sitting in and writing crap poetry, no one serves anything noteworthy.


Gah, it's so weird to see a Portland thing on Tastespotting! It's like we're on the map now or something. We do have the very best coffee. :)


I stayed at the Ace Hotel above Stumptown this past summer and was incredibly impressed and appreciative of the whole vibe. Stumptown's coffee and their selection of pastries were divine!


'Tis true...nothing beats Stumptown! So glad to see an East Coaster appreciating this West Coast gem! Every time I visit friends in Portland (I live in Eugene), I make them go to Stumptown with me so I can stock up.


I would give my dog's front legs for a Stumptown location in NYC. They opened a couple spots in Seattle late last year and are converting some of the hardcore Vivace/Vita/Victrola/Lighthouse/etc. crowd to their fabulous brews. My husband and I are moving back there this summer and good coffee in every neighborhood is one of the things I'm most excited about.


No need to hurt your dog. This place by Chelsea market is serving Stumptown Coffee



...and they're in Brooklyn now too! I hear they're actually roasting here. And you can buy it at Frankie's in Carrol Gardens.

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