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April 10, 2008



Oh my Gosh, this is even prettier then Balducci in the City. I agree on this, because the first I look at when I travel is a supermarket :))
If you ever go to Vienna(maybe you did already!), make sure you see Julis Meinl, that was very fascinating to me.

deb zeiner

I have to tell you how fascinating it is to be at my computer in the Flint Hills of eastern Kansas, reading your description of this incredible store and able to go to their website! My goodness, what a glorious time we live in! My only question is - what is sturgeon shashlik? Thanks for sharing this. You made my day.


sturgeon shaslik would sort of be like fish shish kabob - yummmm


Beautiful! It reminds me a little bit of the food hall at Harrod's except that Eliseevskiy looks grander and more luxurious and palatial, etc, etc!


I would love shopping in a supermarket with that many gilt surfaces and chandeliers...


Fabulous post. You know, I think that I go to supermarkets when I travel unconsciously; I'm going to be much for mindful about it now, thank you! What a great post!


I'm SO with you on this one -- I love to visit local grocery stores and markets. This is amazing ... and check out the fur coat!

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