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June 23, 2008



By creating content, do we create meaning for others, or even ourselves? By showing our person do we create friendships or only networks that offer our art and opinion as just another way of creating commerce? When does sharing become a labor, and not a love?

Whatever the reason, I enjoy the posts, especially the photography and the passion for food. Meaning or friendship or commerce I'd have to think about, but it definitely provides straight-out joy on behalf of this reader.


Man...thank you. We will keep trying to do our part. All the best.


The world of blogs is one that is filed with who knows what, but your posts continue to draw me in because they are filled with thought.

And the Stink Fest sounds fun. I wonder what type of fish they used in the tacos. Do tell.


I may not leave comments all the time~ but I do read your blog on daily basis!! i am not very good at giving comments, so i am more like a secret admirer on the other side of the world...Your Blog Rock :-)

I will be visiting New York in Sep., hopefully i will see you than!


if it were not for your content...i would not visit everyday. its your voice and vision that opens my eyes to beautiful things that sometimes go unnoticed. AND THAT CHEESE GUY ROCKS MY WORLD.


First, I'd like to comment on the fact that supposedly some cheese guy rocks my wife's world. Let's be real...only I rock her world. With respect to labor v. love, art/opinion v. commerce; whatever it may be or may become it is expert commentary uniquely packaged and served. AND I LOVE IT. In a world of aggregation and amateur commentary I look forward to viewing the world according to Nova Clutch.


Wow...first time to your blog, already know I'll be checking in every day. Your questions touch a nerve. I ask the same ones. I write every day if I can and search for a beautiful photo and that's even knowing no-one reads it. There's just something about putting words into the ether; next best thing to getting published I suppose.


Lani, first of all, thank you for coming to the blog and making a comment on the first go. I think that we all start to feel the anxiety of this age of digital accessibility and vulnerability. One can only hope that when we expose ourselves like we do, that the reward is either a bunch of colorful beads around our necks, or the occasional heartfelt comment from a like-minded person such as yourself. Enjoy.


Thank you! You've summed it up perfectly. Your wisdom helped more than you know.

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